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How To Increase Platelet Count Immediately, Our blood is the source of all important things to our bodies, it is the medium of transfer and the most crucial part of our existence. For our health to stay at its finest, our blood has to be at its best. Our blood is comprised of myriad of elements and components, for providing the best nutrition to and ensuring the proper functioning of our body. One of the elements of our blood is platelets. Blood platelets are tiny components of the blood and are responsible for helping our blood clot. They are present in our blood vessels in millions of counts and are extremely necessary to our survival. Without platelets , our blood won’t be able to clot and we would bleed to death due to the tiniest of cuts! The normal range of platelets is 150,000-450,000 platelets per every micro liter of blood! Low levels of platelets or a low platelet count is therefore something that should be treated fast and well.

Here is How to Increase Platelet Count Immediately.


Wheatgrass is fortified naturally with a huge range of vitamins, minerals and thus has anti-anemic properties. Wheatgrass is abundant in magnesium , selenium, chromium, Vitamin E,B12, folic acid, iron and the list still goes on. Wheatgrass is amazing as a remedy to increase platelets substantially in a small amount of time. You can press the juice out of crushes wheatgrass and drink it 2-3 times a day for maximum effectiveness.

Aloe Vera:

Aloevera is another gift of nature that is great for increasing blood platelet count immediately. Aloevera contains a whopping 200 active natural components such as fatty acids, minerals, vitamins ,enzymes all of which are enriching and healthy for the human body and platelet development! Additionally, the antioxidant properties make alovera a further help in increasing platelets. Therefore, Aloevera is therefore a great choice to go for when looking for how to increase platelet count immediately.

You can consume aloevera juice to help icrease platelets immediately.

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Vitamin –K:

Vitamin K is the most crucial vitamin when it comes to increasing the platelet count of the blood. Inflammation is a prime cause of reduction of platelet count in addition to improper nutrition. Inflammation causes oxidative stress which destroys platelets and causes a drop in their numbers. Therefore, foods that prevent inflammation are great in treating low platelet count. Vitamin K rich foods help do this as Vitamin K is anti-inflammatory in nature. This vitamin also helps platelets grow and boosts the platelet production in the body. Some foods that are abundant in Vitamin K are green leafy vegetables, seaweed, eggs , olives and soybean. Adding these foods in abundance to yur diet should help raise the platelet count immediately.


Platelets are very important to a healthy body and proper survival. Some methods on how to increase platelet count immediately are increasing Vitamin K in your diet and consuming  natural ingredients such as aloevera, wheatgrass in a juiced form.

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