Best Yoga for Brain Health: How to Achieve a Happy Mind!

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In the fast paced life that most of us lead, there is little to no time for relaxation in the true sense. Our day-to-day activities ranging from our jobs to food habits, constant exposure to electronic devices and minimum social engagement all have deteriorated brain health at large. This has manifested itself in a myriad of issues, mostly stress, anxiety and depression.

The importance of best yoga for brain health as it is cannot be overstated, a healthy brain is central to a fulfilling life. Where we find it difficult to manage the actual causes of stress, yoga is an amazing tool to help calm, relax and strengthen the brain, relieving stress. In addition to providing the physical benefits of exercise, yoga also helps improve brain functioning. Regular yoga has proven to help maintain and aid cognitive functioning. It also helps meditate and tone down stress, eventually helping deal with anxiety and depression. Here are some yoga routines to help refine your life:

The Bhramari Pranayam:

Bhramari Pranayam

This pose is also known as the bee breathing, and helps relieve the body of negative emotions such as anger, agitation and frustration. This pose is also beneficial for the improvement of brain functioning. This yoga asana is basically a breathing exercise, but it can be incorporated into various other asanas as well. It can be practiced while lying down or in a seated position.

The Paschimottanasana:


The seated forward bend, as this pose is known is a mind relieving yoga pose. This asana is known for its stress relieving properties; it helps attain a light breezy mental state that is void of any stress and tension. This pose effectively stretches the spine and improves flexibility as well. For this pose, sit with head facing straight ahead and legs completely stretched out forwards. The next step is to take a deep breath and reach out with stretched hands towards the toes. You have to try grabbing the toes gently while stretching your spine by maintaining a straight back and not hunching. The pose can be furthered into by sliding your hands down to hold the underside of your heels.

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The Setu Bandhasana:

Setu Bandhasana

This pose is heftily popular within all other realms of exercising and is known as the bridge pose. This pose stretches out the spine and the neck, reduces stress and improves blood circulation towards the brain. This pose is particularly good for the nervous system as it has a stress relieving effect on the brain. For this pose, lie on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Lay your arms out on your sides. Lift your hips up while keeping your back straight, pull in your lower belly with a deep breath. Descend back slowly to touch your hips to the ground.


Regular yoga has proven benefits of improving circulation to the brain and thus aiding in calming and stress relief. It also helps prevent slowing down of cognitive functioning and helps sharpen the brain. Amazing what a few deep breaths and stretching can do!

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